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August 7, 2017

We have kittens, please visit our nursery for more details

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Chezs is a GCCF registered prefix and we are dedicated to breeding Siamese & Orientals of good health, type and temperament. Speedgun is a Kennel club registered prefix and our Whippets are bred for health & temperament and make excellent companions.

All our babies are reared indoors and we ensure that they are fully socialised and used to household noises to ensure that your new companion grow into a well adjusted adult 


We breed all colours & of Siamese & Orientals including Cinnamon & Fawn and all patterns including classic tabbies. Our kittens are well socialised and dog friendly!

We breed mainly Fawn & Blue Whippets but sometimes have other colours available. Our puppies and well socialised and cat friendly!

Visit our nursery for available babies

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