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On this page you can catch up with all the latest news here at Chezs & Speedgun. Find out about the latest walks, show news and new additions below.

Shorthaired Cat Society & Rex joint HP show January 2019

Tiger attended the Shorthaired Cat society show along with the joint Rex HP show.

He had a fantastic day and gained his 1st two Imperial certificates!

He then went on to become OVERALL best in show at BOTH shows!

We are so proud of our big man

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Scottish cat Club & West of Scotland January 2019

Tiger and Talia had another fantastic day out at the joint Scottish shows

Tiger gained another 2 Grand certificates and is now GMC Tiger - he went on to become best adult HP in the West of Scotland show

Talia gained her 2nd CC was awarded Best of Breed and enjoyed herself again getting lots of fuss from the public, hopefully she will be able to collect that final CC later in the year

alt    Tiger & Talia enjoying the day alt

National Cat show December 2018

At the National Cat show on 8th December 2018 our beautiful Maine Coon- Juannre Talia-al-Ghul attended her 1st show. We are still new to the work and effort it takes to prepare a semi long haired cat but despite this Talia went on to win her 1st CC. Hopefully she will be out in the new year to compete for more (this time with me having more experience with her fur!)

Big thanks to Julie Rees of the Juannre cats for allowing us our first venture into the Maine Coon world and to the wonderful exhibitors on the day who helped me with the last minute prepping of her fur!

Tiger had a fantastic outing too gaining his 2nd Grand certificate and going on to become best HP 


alt  Talia enjoying her 1st show                     alt Tiger being judged for Best in show!

Show brag!

On 02nd December 2017 our beautiful rescue moggy attended the West of Scotland & the Scottish Cat Club joint shows. His first show ever!

He had a wonderful day out and was awarded many first prizes, went on to win best of variety non-pedigree pet adult in both shows. It was a wonderful day out!


We rescued Tiger along with his mum and siblings after they had been born in a car at the local scrap yard. We found his siblings lovely homes and his mum still lives with us as a fabulous mouser at our stables. Tiger went to live with a very good friend of the family but after he sadly passed away Tiger came back to stay with us forever!

He loved the day out at the show and all the fuss that went with it and will be attending some more in the near future.